Watch Rio 2011 Online

This kind of movie has a unique blending of animated scene that truly magnificent, this film was much familiar to the movie know us Ice Age and also it was produce from the makers of Ice age, It is about a wild enjoying adventure of macaw bird take off to the place of Rio de Janeiro, as he started to learn how to fly .As we knew about ice age, it has a story line of a bird who thinks that he was the only kind of his specie. Until he finds out that he wasn’t alone. And he goes for his journey that takes him into a wild mesmerizing funny scene.

Rio movie is about a bird a macaw bird a macaw bird named Blu that live with his best friend Linda. Linda is the owner of Blu who they thought that Blue is alone and nothing was left about his specie, Blu don’t know how to fly because he is not habit in the living of wild. Afterwards a scientist told Linda that there’s another species of Blue that can found in Brazil, Well Linda never waste any time they when to the pace where specie of Blu was located. As soon they knew it is a female named Jewel, but when Blue was with Jewel, there’s a guy you kidnapped them and put in a cage where they both cant escaped. This bad guy takes more than any kind of birds’ species in order to sell them. But Jewel and Blu never lost hope they find a way until they escaped. They take a far mission and wild experience as Jewel knew that Blu can’t fly.

They met a Toco Toucan who help them out and teach Blu how to fly. As he learns that once you try and learn it will develops and pursue, as long Blu learns how to fly and flew back to Linda his Best friend. Watch Rio 2011 online and you will come to the hilarious experience of a macaw bird that learns the way of friendship, love and to be wild when he learns to fly.