Watch That’s What I Am Online

In That’s What I Am we are once again young, in school, and beginning to get confused. We are starting to be aware of so many things at once. What’s more interesting is, we can’t explain the sudden appeal of one person over everyone else in the opposite sex. People on the outside call it infatuation, or, since this was in the Civil Rights years, Puppy Love. To us it was True Love, First Love. Looking back, we agree. Our own lovely Mia Rose Frampton was passing fancy. But we were never hit by love as hard as that since. Time and experience has taught us to temper our emotions. Which is why we always have happy times remembering.

Watch That’s What I Am Online is also about school bullies, geeks, Teacher’s Pets and Teacher Heroes that linger in the mind. It is awakening and finding out that things – and people, mostly – are not what they seem. That the campus freak is, surprisingly, the most misunderstood person who is actually the brightest and most desirable classmate to be around. To be one is not in any way shameful.

There’s always a Mr. Simon in everyone’s past, one who turns our coming of age dreamily nostalgic. The film is a tribute to growing up and will certainly bring a tear to the eye, even if it was made supposedly to amuse us.