Watch African Cats Online

Nature is captured in its natural splendor in Watch African Cats Online, a DisneyNature film focused on the lives of two families of the great cats of the African Savannah, a pride of Lions, and a single parent Cheetah family. These cats, particularly the Lions, are considered kings of the jungle, and their role is to help maintain the delicate ecological balance of their habitat, a job they have done quite well ever since they have begun to rule their kingdom.

In Watch African Cats Online, we get educated in the ways of the jungle, where the fraternal instinct of caring for the young is even much stronger than in humans. Extreme care was exercised by the film crew not to disturb the animals as they went on with their activities of daily living, and so they have produced a spectacular story about how Lions and Cheetahs train their cubs to learn the ways of the jungle. A successful type of family and societal organization displayed by the pride is worthy of a serious study. After all, there’s a much more unpredictable jungle out there where we humans move about. Surely, we have much to learn from the animals that were here long before us. That’s according to science and the Bible.

Scheduled to purr in theaters on Earth Day, African Cats is a nature call from Disney for everyone to help save, not only the Cats of Africa, but every animal in the wild from the Amazon to the jungles of Borneo. In fact, anywhere on earth where these now endangered fellow-travelers wander. They need us as much as we need them, for our very own survival.