Watch Stake Land Online

Many stories have been told about vampires. The blood sucking demon that turns into a bat when escaping. We all know that vampires are sleeping during the night and in the night it becomes a blood thirsty beast that lurks in the dark waiting for a kill. A rumor says that when they are hit by the rays of the sun they die so they don’t go out when the sun is high. Now the question is where are you going to hide when all are turned to a hungry feral beast?

America is in chaos. Deaths are everywhere. The enemies show no mercy, they are fast, cunning and have a great appetite for blood. Cities became big dining room. Survivors are living in pockets like wild dogs do. Martin survives when his family was slaughtered by the people turned vampires. He is under the custody of the vampire hunter only known as Mister.

Mister is finding a suitable place for Martin to him while he is fighting the vampires. They must go through hard escape. On the way they met a nun who’s faith is about to shatter when her companions turned into blood suckers. Mister must transport Martin into Canada the new Eden. Watch Stake Land Online and feel the thrill of each scene. This horror film will make you scream at the top of your lungs.