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Theirs is a world lead by a god. Separated from the world of the mortals, a kingdom with a powerful ruler is fighting with an enemy who wanted power. Asgard is a kingdom ruled by Odin the father of the thunder god Thor. Their world is composed of the Nine Realms which is connected by the Tree of Life. Laufey was the leader of the other realm and his soldiers were known as the Frost Giants. Their kingdom fought Asgard in order to claim the Casket of Ancients which contains eminent power. Laufey’s army was defeated and the peace was preserve. The casket was sealed in Odin’s vault.

Still wanted to claim the casket the Frost Soldier again made an attempt to recover the casket. The plan did not work out and Odin was not harmed. Meanwhile furious of what happened Thor with his brother Loki and a friend named Sif and several warriors group together and attacked Laufey’s territory. The group was overwhelmed and was later saved by Odin. With this action of Thor his father banished him for he had caused a war between the two kingdoms that had a fragile truce. Odin strip him off with his power and sent him to Earth with his hammer.

He landed in New Mexico and was found by scientist Jane Foster as well as her assistant Darcy Lewis and her mentor, Dr. Erik Selvig. They were later convinced that Thor is the god of thunder. Back in the Asgard, Loki discovered that he was not a real son of din but the son of Laufey. Loki planned to let Laufey in and let him kill Odin. When the allies of Thor know this plot they went to earth and searched Thor. Watch Thor Online for it is a movie that will be entertaining to all ages.

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