Watch Fast Five Online

Wanted to experience an action packed film like no other? This new installment form the Fast And the Furious will give you the action you wanted. This new movie will be a big hit for the movie goers. Street racing has never been thrilling as this. Be captivated by the awesome action and storyline that is unique. Starred by one of Hollywood’s most loved actor Vin diesel. The story is about Dominic Toretto a convict who is being transported by a bus to a prison. With the former cop Brian O’Conner leading an assault to the bus freed Toretto and the party split and went to South America.

O’Conner and Mia arrive in Rio de Janeiro and expected to meet Dominic there but Vince told them that he has no clue where Dominic is. Vince needed their help to steal cars from a train. The job became difficult when they learned that the train is being boarded by DEA men. Dominic arrives late and he knew that the boarders wanted only one of the tree cars. They were able to steal a Ford and the men went after them. After crossfire the men drop dead.

Dominic went to Mia’s safe house in Favela and started to parts the car in order to learn what was Reyes a Brazilian corrupt businessman was after. Vice arrive later and he confess that he was being tracked. Vince has the computer chip which contains the evidences that Reyes is laundering millions of dollars and engages in unlawful activities. When Reyes learned that his men were killed he ordered to hunt down Dominic. Watch Fast Five Online and see how the events unfold. Watch your favorite character Vin Diesel as he takes on the adventurous and perilous battle for the truth.