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Love to watch horror and investigative movies? Well you should watch this new movie that combines both elements. The vampires and werewolves you heard and learned about? They are true and the key to their survival is to make their existence a secret. In a city where it likes to party lies a hidden secret world of the undead. There is a living detective who investigates the concerns of the undead and he is detective Dylan Dog.

Based from a comic book, Dylan Dog will go through tough times just to accomplish the mission of his client. He has a assistant friend who is now an undead for he died and was raised again by undead doctors proving that not all undead are bad. Dylan Dog is hunting those who are bad and he must fight werewolves, vampires and even the guardian of hell.

Full of action and thrill Dylan Dog : Dead of Night will surely capture the interest of the audience. With its high quality effects and good storyline this movie will be a big hit. From the director of Terminator Salvation, Superman Returns, Kevin Munroe has come up with another masterpiece. Watch Dylan Dog: Dead of Night Online and feel than race of your heart beat. Feel the excitement of each scene.

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