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In the circus of life, one man’s story is the entertainment of another, but great lessons can be learned from the greatest show on earth. In Water for Elephants, an emotionally compelling account of a man who comes to a complete dead end, we find that there is always a way out, and life can be beautiful for those who move on, because, as always, the show must go on.

To Jacob Jankowski, life completely came to a standstill after he gets the news that his parents were killed in a car accident. He was preparing for the final exams as a graduating veterinary student at Cornell. Later, he finds out that the family was broke and in heavy debt because his dad, who was a practicing vet himself, treated his patients pro bono and had to mortgage the house so Jacob can stay in school. Feeling more depressed than the times (for it was 1931), Jacob jumps a train to learn later that it was that of a circus going out to perform in another city.

Watch Water For Elephants Online everybody loves the circus, and here we have an authentic one. The life and love of Jacob Jankowski, as accounted piecemeal by a very old man who could not have remembered it all, might as well be ours.