Watch When Harry Tries To Marry Online

Young love is pitted against age-old tradition in the cross-cultural film Watch When Harry Tries to Marry Online.

Harry, a rich, 22-year old, Hindu student, who’s about to graduate in a New York City College, has plans to marry early because he believes that two people who marry young has “more time to learn about each other’s ideosyncracies”. He develops a friendship with Theresa, a lovely and vibrant girl his age and enjoys her companionship on what he thinks are “non-date” outings.

Harry is not a believer in love marriages, probably because his parents, who married for love, broke up in a divorce, and US stats told him that half of the population has gone through that same road.

Against his father’s and friend’s advice, he asks an uncle in India to find a suitable Indian girl for him and make arrangements for his wedding which he wants to do in India.

Before he reaches India, though, he remembers sweet Theresa and discovers that his friendship with her has developed into something else he could not explain. A deep yearning for her presence gnawed constantly in his being.

Will love, that conquers all, ever win out in the end? Or, will the head rule over the heart, ultimately? Watch When Harry tries to Marry Online for the answer.