Watch PROM Online

For teenagers, Watch PROM Online is the night of nights. It is mostly a night when everyone starts noticing that that wonderful, bitter-sweet madness called love begins to tug at the heart- sleeves. But there are other equally important mixed emotions, not related to love at all, that comes to play in the minds of everyone else. This night ushers in a mass coming-of-age crossroad that most everyone has not really prepared for. That you are about to leave a familiar, care-free, though constrained, childhood for an exciting, be it uncertain, fully independent college life, is just too much to a few.

PROM is as complicated a story to tell, as the diverse emotional impacts of the event is to its participants. So, let’s just pick it up from the side of Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden). The rest you will surely meet, anyway.

Nova has been looking forward with excitement to this one-time event in her life, and she has romantic plans for her and Brandon on that night. But Brandon asks her to “carpool” to help the environment. What’s worse, a fire damaged the Prom décor and the principal decides to put her with Jessie, a school problem, to work on it, or Jessie won’t graduate.

At first both were not happy working with each other, with Nova being threatened by Jessie’s brooding façade. Besides, Mom has advised her against Jessie. She thinks he’s kind of like her father, who left them long ago. After a while, though, Nova sees Jessie in a different light, and becomes convinced that he is just a misunderstood person, one who is warm and kind and capable of a lasting relationship if only he could find a suitable partner.

Will Jessie spoil all her plans for the most important night of her life? Watch Prom Online to find out.