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From the Creator/Director of Everybody Loves Raymond comes the hilarious real-life experience of Philip Rosenthal (himself!), who proves to be equally funny, if not funnier, than Ray Barone, his creation. Given the title, Watch Exporting Raymond Online, which is descriptive but rather dull, I would have preferred as title, Everybody (also) Loves Rosenthal since that’s how the film turned out in the Austin Film Festival.

The film follows Philip Rosenthal to Russia after he was invited by a Russian TV network to make a series of new episodes of his successful sitcom in the Russian language. There are lots of funny happenings when he talks to the crew without his interpreter. It’s because we share his difficulties when trying to make sense of another tongue and the fellow at the other end does not speak your language well and you both end up “out-fooling” yourselves. It’s a truly exhausting job, even if it’s funny from the outside. I did not know that the Russians can be funny, too.
I can’t wait to Watch Exporting Raymond Online myself. It’s set to run the 29th April.

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