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A nation is about to be broken. A leader is unjust and made killing a hobby. With the rise of terror many people are living with fear. The peace that they had preserved for years will be shattered and chaos will soon ruin the nation. They cannot let this happen or else it will be the end. The feudal Japan is secured with samurais and it is the stronghold of a leader if he has s skilled samurai and with full loyalty to him. Amaster had summoned Shibzaemon to stop Lord Naritsugu’s unjust leadership. The leaders are afraid if Naritsugu will ascend to a higher position he will surely be more fierce and heartless.

With this threat to the nation Shinzaemon gathered all his loyal samurais together with his nephew. They planned to assassinate Naritsugu on his long journey from Edo. They set the entire plan as well as the tactics. Before the awaited battle Hanbei, Shinzaemon’s old sparring mate and Naritsugu’s samurai meet and talk about their own queries. At the end of the conversation Hanbei said to him that there fight is inevitable.

Some of the assassins are sent to force Naritsugu’s group to change their route to their advantage. They meet some of Naritsugu’s men and they easily kill them. They stealthily travel and on the way they met a hunter who has a samurai lineage and they choose them to be the thirteenth assassin. They reunited with the group and set a village as a big mousetrap. Naritsugu’s group arrives and the assassins were surprised with large number of guards. They were outnumbered and the enemies are heavily equipped.

The assassins fought bravely and the enemies were greatly reduced. The assassins fall one by one finally conclusion has taken place. Zhinzaemon fought Hanbei and Shinzaemon won. He fought Naritsugu who know nothing but pleasure was easily defeated. Watch 13 Assassins Online and see the high packed action and stunts.

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