Watch Source Code 2011

Here is science stretched beyond limits. It’s a timeless theme: Man’s quest for that elusive wormhole through which he might be able to wiggle back and forward in Time or Space. Imagine the endless possibilities that world could offer.

Such is the world of Captain Coltier Stevens, a US Airman tasked to go back in time to find the person behind a commuter train bombing in Chicago. The spin is, only his mind is teleported back to control the body of an unknown commuter moments before the man dies in the blast. Captain Coltier is able to cramp everything in just 8 minutes. The man dies (he’s already dead, as far as we are concerned), and our hero returns unscathed, still strapped to a chair in the Now, with all those wires to his body, just to convince us that that wonderful Computer with a “nothing is impossible” Source Code, was behind it all.

Brilliant execution!

Watch Source Code Online a 2011 movie everything is programmed to whet the appetite of the viewer, and so Coltier goes back in another, this time, more perilous adventure, hopefully to find the identity of the would be perpetrators of another devastating bombing incident that was rumored to happen in the immediate Tomorrow.

And, again, Hollywood delivers.

The Source Code (2011) is good food for thought.