Watch Dam 999 Online

Dam999 is an Indian co-production film produced by BizTV Network, UAE, and directed by Sohan Roy.

It is about a dam, and nine characters and their emotions. The 1975 Banqiao Dam disaster in China is an apt metaphor which the maker of this film exploits as the central theme. The symbolism is heavy. The number 999 has great importance in British Colonial Indian history.

The film plays out the old Indian concept called Navarasas, or the nine human emotions, thru a variety of Indian and Hollywood actors.

Two “lives”, as it were, run parallel in this movie. That of a century-old dam built by the British during their colonial days in India and those of nine characters who keep holding back their emotions for whatever reasons. When the dam breaks, so did the characters.

Watch Dam 999 Online the psychological tie-up between history of a dilapidated inanimate structure and those of emotional creatures is fantastic. We should get more of this kind of movies.