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In this world we have to choose which way are we going? It is a way of nature or a way of grace. If we choose nature then we need to compete for survival, be strong and always take the lead. Like in the life of the animals the big and strong will devour the weaklings. Every animal fought for survival and the little ones used variety of techniques to survive, if we choose grace we need to be humble, loving, and have mercy. This is where other people become abusive of us. It is a matter of choice of which one we will go. This new movie will give us the hint of what our decisions can lead us to.

This is a movie of change and searching for the meaning in life, a story of reconciliation that will lead to the peace that we have always wanted. A man looking back on his childhood, his relationship with his mother and father, and what they taught him about the world. His father encouraged being tough, getting ahead, competition, putting yourself first to survive, and "the way of nature". His mother seemed to encourage gentleness, valuing other people, love, being compassionate, and "the way of grace.

A movie that will test your convictions, a Life is a complex puzzle that you need to solve. It is a matter of choice. What we become is the result of our beliefs and principles in life. Watch The Tree of Life Online, a movie that will bring change on the views of the audiences. We have the freedom to choose and the freedom to live what we want. It is the choices that make everything complicated. We can never be sure of our decisions whether they right or wrong. The result will always be a puzzling riddle.

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