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Art and being a director is synonymous. At can conceal truth and fiction as well as directing a film. Film may conceal truth and fiction as well. A director’s tale is great for being a director you have to undergo series of challenges. Being a director is not easy because you need to be flexible and talented in directing films. Being a director is great but there are instances that we are stress by the hard work. Leading the acting is one of a director’s responsibilities and it is where the success of the film lies. A director may direct the film but this time he will be one of the characters.

Here comes a new movie about a noirish tale of a young filmmaker who becomes enmeshed in a criminal scheme while making a movie on location. She was a director who only wanted to make movies that will entertain the audiences. She never expected to participate in a criminal scheme. She was innocent of the things that she did not expect to entangle her. Road to Nowhere is a 2010 American romance / thriller film directed by Monte Hellman. The film was nominated for the Golden Lion at the 67th Venice International Film Festival.

This new movie will not only feature the crime but it is also a romantic movie. Watch Road to Nowhere Online we can never know that there are instances that we will get in trouble by some people who only think of themselves. That’s why other people’s life is being put in compromise because of the works of other people. We can never know what the future may lead us to. In just a snap we can be in a great disaster that will change our lives forever. Can she escape this and live her normal life once gain?