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Life is nice to live on and it is the greatest gift that we have received form above. Life is complex and sometimes full of danger, sorrow and pain but it is countered by happiness, love and acceptance. A happy family is enjoying life more than those who are not. A child is the happiness and treasure of the couple. They are doing all the things just for the child that they have. Working hard is one of the ways that they can do to show that their child is being loved by ensuring a bright future and a quality life. In this new movie you will learn the feeling of a parent who lost the meaning in life when their child died. When an unhappily married couple learns their teenage son is the shooter in a college campus massacre, they struggle to find refuge from both the media and their mutual grief.

There was a shooting incident and the wife called to the school where there is schooling. A moment later some authorities have arrive and told them that their child is dead and he is the killer. May people died including some faculty member. They were puzzle why their son had done such thing. They can never understand what happened to their son. Watch Beautiful Boy Online the father make apology to the public for the doing of their son. Moving on was hard for them. They were surrounded by grief and the memories of their only child. There are instances that they quarrel for the wife wanted to defend their child but the husband insisted that the doings of their son is unjustifiable. Unhappy as they are they needed to move on and help each other to accept the reality that their son is already gone and that they are still together to continue their life.