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Marriage is a thing that we cannot take for granted. It needs a thorough planning before it should be engaged. Couples need to observe their partners very well if they are compatible with each other. There are instances that the partner changes in personality when they are already married. The result is that they quarrel often times and will lead to the separation of the couple. Couples should know each other well in terms of values and traditions as well as the culture that they have. We can never know what kind of family they are. Couples are the ones who will stay together and it is their duty to know each other because the future of their relationship lies in it.

In this new movie we will get entertained and grasp some lessons in life. She’s a marriage counselor and her job is to make marriage work out. She works to solve marriage problems but she didn’t know that she herself will get entangled in marriage problem. She is newlywed and she wanted to be happy of course. Her parents were her idol and she admired how they have stayed and loves each other for years. Now she’s facing hard problems because her parents wanted a divorce.

As a counselor she cannot let her parents to just break away. She made all the possible things that she can do to stop the divorce. She forgot that she is also married and has her own responsibilities as a wife. Watch Love, Wedding, Marriage Online, comedy movie that will entertain us. She is determined to solve the problem, The problem that she usually caters to her clients. Marriage is sacred and has corresponding responsibilities that couples must comply to. Can she really save the marriage of her parents before she lost hers?

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