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Teenage was the best time of our lives and it was the time that we have the best times of our lives. Those years are the ones that will remain in our minds and in our hearts. When we are still a teenager we have been in the stage that we need to know more about life and how to deal with it. The world kept on changing and we too should so that we can cope in it. Surely the world is definitely dangerous and we should take precautions. As a young one we need to somehow understand the complex processes that we call life. We have learned a lot of things as we continue to know more about life. The teenage years were the years that we will not forget for the rest of our lives. It was the time that we have fall in love with someone. It was not easy to handle what we feel.

We are nervous when we see our crushes and they have been our inspiration in our life. We have loved them although we did not have the love that we want back. Yes, that was definitely a time that we are very happy and the time that we are also in pain. We have learned so much about growing up and handling situations. The problems that we used to encounter before were easy to manage now. Thanks to the teenage years that have made us of what we are today. The principles of other people were learned so much has been our guide in making our own. Watch The Myth of the American Sleepover online, in this new movie we will see the growing up of these teenagers. This is a story of four friends who have discovered many things in the end of the summer.