Watch Another Earth Online

There are lots of planets that are still need to be discovered in the universe. There are lots of planets that are yet to be understood and their compositions might be the answer to a call for another earth. The world was one of the millions of planets and other heavenly bodies that have existed. By means of modern technology and the advancement of knowledge we were able to somehow find the clues on how to get out of earth and explore the hidden truth of the universe. The universe has no air. It will not be able to sustain a life form because of the absence of oxygen. There is a possibility that the universe may have a planet that can be a substitute for the earth. The planet may have water, air and other elements that are essential for a human to survive. If this is possible then we can again start in that planet.

We have caused the earth so many pains and the new plane will be the new start that we should take. The world id very different than before. The abundance that it has had already reaches its limit and will soon be gone forever. We should take our part in preserving the nature for the generations to come. In this new movie a new earth was discovered but with a price. She was an ambitious MIT astrophysics student who was drunk when she drives and discovered a tiny planet. She accidentally killed a family and the only survivor was the father. Watch Another Earth Online, she was imprisoned and when she was out she seek the father to have his forgiveness. She was falling in love with the father but how can she be able to say it to him when she knows that she have to tell him something?