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There are times that we will experience things that we never know would come into our lives. There are instances that we have to move on and accept things that we never thought would be happening to us. We all wanted to have a long life with our family to have many memories with them and help them whenever we can. We all know that we are all going to die and leave this world that has taught us many things about love and about growing up. We have started to be an innocent kid who only wanted to play and be happy always. It was hard to believe that we are now in a state where in any minute now we might die and close our lives forever. Well this is the life that we have. We are like candles that will die if we lost our last flame.

There are times that we will suffer for the lost of our beloved. Moving on is hard and we will always taste the bitter taste of sorrow and pain, this truth that we van never escape and we will always have to deal with. This is a new movie that we will see and tell us that love can happen in the second chance but will also have consequences. She is a busy woman and her husband died. She was not yet ready to accept it and moving on was hard. As many people have experienced it is always bitter to live everyday in sorrow. These hopes and dreams that she has will be hard for now. Watch A Little Help online, destiny is tricky and she was again falling in love with her old flame who happened to be her sister’s husband. The battle of love and forbidden will start.