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We have heard so many news of disasters as well as wars. The world is in crises and also the economies of the leading countries are weakening. Could this be a sign that the apocalypse in the bible is happening? As it was said the world will see so many disasters that were not seen by any men. The people will go against each other even the relatives will have to kill each other. There are so many things that were mention in that part of the scripture. The ones will stay true and fight for the truth will be going to the paradise that was promised but the ones who have not will be doomed in the unending fire. This was the revelation and the ones who have read it should make the necessary precautions and avoid sinning. Now that the world today are in a state of going down the world may just experiencing the first wave of the upcoming Armageddon.

We have to be ready for the coming of that day. We already know what to do and what should we choose. We are the ones that make our own fate: be saved or be doomed for eternity. There are so many rumors that the end of the Mayan calendar will be the sign of the end of the world. There is another one that the end of the world will be this year yet we don’t know exactly what will be the exact time that it will happen. In this new movie we will see a story of two people who have prepared for the coming of the apocalypse. They have made many weapons and even transform their car into a defensive and attacking machine. Watch Bellflower online, they have feared the coming of th apocalypse but they are the one who is creating their fantasies.