Watch The Ward Online

There are so many stories of ghost we have heard from our elders. There are so many people that have always told us that ghosts are real and they can be dangerous other than they are creating fear on us. Still there are people who don’t believe that they really exist. Since ghosts are not visible often times many people who haven’t yet seen it will never believe for there is a saying that to see is to believe. There are cases that people are being possessed by the evil ghosts who wanted to let other people know that they are seeking revenge or justice. There are cases that a spirit will now wanted to rest in peace because he has suffered horrible thing before he died,. Some are torture and sadistically killed. Others have met an accident and have still dreams that they wanted to fulfill. These are the reasons why so many ghosts have been seen and continued to mingle with the humans.

Resting is peace is what we wall wanted to have after death. We wanted to have the paradise that has been promised to us. We wanted to have the rest that is eternal and never be disturbed but these ghost will never wanted to have that rest until they have fulfilled what they have desired. This is a new story of thrill and horror that will shocked everyone, a story of an avenging ghost and killing those who are innocent. A beautiful but troubled young woman finds herself bruised and cut, whilst setting fire to an abandoned farmhouse. She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and meet new friends. Later on her friends were attacked by someone unseen. Watch The Ward Online, as soon as many people have died she investigated and found out that she is at the verge of danger.