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History has so many secrets that were keep unhidden for so many years. History has held many secrets and it could be good or bad. There are so many people that have been part of the history. Kings and other monarch have marked the history of the world with their betrayal, killings, unjust leadership and adored for their supremacy and majestic authority. There are so many kings that are well loved by their people while others are hated and wanted to be grind to dust. Kings have been the most powerful people in the world. One such ruler is King Louise XIV of France who has ruled for 72 years. He was young yet so powerful. He ruled absolutely and put France as Europe’s leading power. There is another who is hated and he was Louise the XVI who was executed. He is the only king of France who was executed.

Kings have the right that can never be questioned. They are the absolute power who has been the fortress of a kingdom. They are the ones who have been the source of majestic authority that have leaded the kingdoms to military campaigns and war for territories. If a king is not good in his rule then he loses the favor of his people. There are many kings that have been deposed by revolution of the people because they have been doing things that have lowered their moral and also their influence. Watch Ironclad Online, this is a story of a knight that will need to fight their king to save their own nation. It was a dark age to consider and they must take steps to save the nation that will soon fall. King John is an unjust king and he must be defeated. A battle that will determine their future.