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Well the story of the movie revolves to a high school girl (MILey Cyrus ) is messing her life with her friends and put her attention to his sexually experienced boyfriend. As her mother (Demi Moore) can’t handle her because she also started to move on about her divorced to her husband, at the same time can t understand why is her daughter acts like that in a foolish strange girl. In this film it main centers to a relationship of mother daughter circumstances which is totally exciting and interesting. I am pretty much excited to watch this movie come along. And it surely likes to be have a good time spending time to watch this movie that makes hilarious epic motion pictures. As I can’t believe that MiLey Cyrus a good popular and well known singer will be act as a bad high school girl. So don’t mist to Watch LOL 2012 Movie Streaming Online Free coming this MAY 4 2012 and enjoy and laugh out loud to this well done and full of hilarious moments with Miley Cyrus as she goes to her life with her Mother.