watch saw 3d movie

October has always been the highpoint of my year since the series started and now you have to go and take it away from 3D me is a cheap and lame ass gimmick that’s meant to pull in more people after a series starts to run out its welcome but the saw movies never needed anything of that sort every year they pull in at LEAST $100M and yet you decided to slap it on there anyway.

Saw 3d movie is a countless horror movies almost always been able to “See the horror coming”, and makes us scared with the characters and feel their fear to saw 3D online it is now release in theaters come and get scared to watch saw 3d movie.

Same any true saw fan likes the story over anything, it’s so very horror sometimes when all these people talk about is the gore, you ready for some blood in the beginning up to the end, like that all the franchise is known for some stupid seen but it’s all horror who don’t really know or try to follow the franchise as a whole, they never want to talk about the brilliant writing just the traps, o well franchise is still beast to watch saw 3d movie.

While we watching this, I thought the same thing. if its "unrated" then all of the nc-17 stuff should be put in. and since it their last movie, what does this great franchise have to lose, except most of their fans if it isn't one of the bloodiest goriest and best story oriented movie of all time.

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